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The production staff of SmartLab has immeasurable years of dental lab experience. This enables you to focus on your practice while relying on us to consistently manage your cases.


Combined Dental Years Experience

About SmartLab

SmartLab is a Pennsylvania based dental lab, in business since 1979. Originally located in Rillton, Pennsylvania, the company operated primarily under the Herminie Dental Lab brand until 2011. The company’s new corporate and production headquarters is located near Pittsburgh, in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.

SmartLab’s founders Ted Yannotti and Ken Zvirman, have over 60 years of combined experience in developing and leading successful businesses across more than 10 industries, while keeping focus on client partnering and satisfaction. The highly skilled technicians and production staff of SmartLab have many decades of combined dental lab experience. These two combinations enable you, the dental partner, to focus on your practice while relying on us to manage your cases effectively and consistently.


With every case we provide your dental practice, we are keenly aware of the trust you place in us on behalf of your patients. To provide excellent dental services, a dental laboratory must be focused on the consistent use of uncompromising standards and superior systems; components that yield reliable and durable results for your patients. At SmartLab, we have always been on the forefront of rigorous standards, both in terms of manufacturing as well as communication with our dental practice clients. By implementing the latest technology, SmartLab manufactures crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, partials, implants and a wide variety of other dental lab products.

As a dental lab, we are in constant contact with our clients. We acknowledge the trust they place on our dental lab to partner with them, and to deliver successful results to your patients.

SmartLab promises... As your partner,

  • A truly full-service provider
  • Savings without compromising quality
  • Reliable turnaround times
  • Dedication to innovation, using the most advanced technologies
  • Use of the latest FDA-approved materials
  • As a local company serving your communities, we are very proud to say that we can offer satisfaction—on time, done right, guaranteed.

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